Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our business would not function without the unique, high quality and well maintained merchandise we get from our consignment vendors. We receive display items from commercial vendors as well as furniture from some of the city's finest private homes. Just because it doesn't work in your home, doesn't mean that someone else won't be thrilled with it.

Consignment is a service to sell your items on your behalf.

Consignment is easy and safe. You will not have to spend money on classified advertising or stay at home waiting for shoppers. Further, one of the most important things is not having strangers come to your home to view the items. Our reputation and our ability to display and sell your furniture results in a selling price which is higher than private sale or auction.

All new consignments begin with an approval process. We recommend submitting a photo via email. If the items are suitable for consignment, we will make an appointment to inspect the furniture, agree in writing on the price you will receive, and arrange transport to our showroom.

We sell a broad range of styles from many different periods

The merchandise should be in good to mint condition. Evaluating your furniture on a scale of 1 -10 with 10 being the best, we look for pieces that are between 8 to 10.

Within 30 days of the completion of sale, foc! will forward a cheque to the vendor. This will be for the agreed net price as per the consignment agreement.

Priced too high and the item won't sell. Priced too low and it is unfair to the selling client. Our experience and knowledge of the market helps us price fairly for both buyer and seller. Our pricing formula takes into consideration the condition, quality of construction, manufacturer, original price, style, colour and demand for the item.

Merchandise is consigned to foc! for a 90 day period, however, we have found that 65% of our inventory sells in the first month.

We are experts in the resale business. Our pricing is accurate and reflects current market trends and resale standards. It is in both foc! and the consignors' best interest to get the best price.

We take care of everything! We will arrange for a professional mover to deliver your furniture to our warehouse. We polish and touch up your furniture to make it as desirable as possible. Major repairs or professional cleaning do result in additional fees, however, we will discuss these situations with you where it is necessary. Our professional stylist then arranges the pieces in showroom settings along with other quality pieces.

Items that are priced right and are desirable, sell quickly. In the event that your items have not sold within the first 60 days of the contract, foc! will discount the price of goods by 15% for the remaining term of the consignment agreement.

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